Mediation to solve your conflicts

Mediation leads to reconciliationBrigitte Kehrer, Certified and Accredited Mediatoroffers mediation for individualsbusiness mediation at workplaces, mediation in companies and organizations, as well as commercial and community mediation.

In her mediations, she ensures success for you and the other party as she operates conflict resolution through the mediation process and enhances both parties in conflict to own the results and the settlement agreement. 

She offers a safe and confidential practice of mediation as you have rarely experienced before!

Her unique three-in-one method lets you enter smoothly the world of mediation through the path that suits you best:

  • Through Conflict Coaching where the problem is addressed in a one to one non-   invasive way.
  • Through a standardized Mediation process according to international principles    and lasting only a couple of days.
  • Through a Conflict Resolution Training in small groups or at your workplace.

Brigitte Kehrer’s secure, confidential and professional method puts emphasis on an empowering mediation process where the parties understand themselves and the other better in learning by doing and by experiencing the five mediation steps.

Whatever path you choose, you will gain access to a win-win spirit of mediation which transforms the dispute into a successful conflict resolution.