Meet Brigitte Kehrer

A certified professional mediator

Brigitte Kehrer

Brigitte Kehrer – certified professional mediator

Originally, I  trained and worked as a  journalist after earning degrees in comparative literature and social sciences.  I combine extensive experience in international peace building with a first class education in strategic intervention and conflict coaching and a solid practice  in mediation across language and cultural barriers.

My professional assignments with humanitarian, United Nations and government and non-government organizations have taken me to numerous trouble-spots of our world, from Bosnia to Rwanda, from Sri-Lanka to Mali as a dialog facilitator,  peace expert and conciliator. Today, this practical experience in extreme conditions proves  over and over to be a invaluable guide in solving professional and personal conflicts.


The road towards becoming a professional mediator has led me, in addition to my practical field experience,  to adhere to a number of  educational programmes provided by first class institutions.
Some highlights are:

My professional background

After my studies in comparative literature, linguistics and philosophy in Oxford, Heidelberg and Geneva, journalism in Lausanne and social sciences & pedagogy in Geneva, I headed the Cultural and Society sections of the Tribune de Genève.  Additionally,  I served on the editorial board of this leading daily newspaper in Geneva.

Following my natural inclination towards humanitarian activities and, after many rewarding years as a journalist and editor, I joined the International Committee of the Red Cross and later the United Nations and other organizations working in numerous conflict and post-conflict zones for more than 15 years.
The ever more appalling conflicts I faced, particularly from Mozambique through Bosnia to Rwanda triggered me to better understand reconciliation, truth commissions, conflict resolution, peace building and sent me on to my studies in conflict resolution and mediation.

This lead me to become an internationally recognized reconciliation expert frequently called upon by the ICRC and the UN in peace-building projects in post-conflict zones, in Africa and Asia and around the world. As a professional mediator,  I am honored to count international institutions, diplomats, the United Nations, Bretton Woods institutions and NGO’s among my regular clients.