Choose mediation

Why litigate if you can mediate!

A mediator in actionMediation does not happen like that. It requires an experienced, professional mediator. Who can hear what you and your conflict party have to say and, also, don’t say. Who can understand how you feel, what this conflict does to you and what challenges you face to get on with your life. And yet, who is capable to stay absolutely neutral.

Then, mediation becomes magic. Something happens that changes people’s goals and outlook. Arguments unfold into a constructive dialog. And the parties move away from a clear case of right and wrong, with no space for compromise, to move to a place of opportunities that becomes something much more subtle. People actually start to hear each other. And almost without effort get to understand the others’ position and start to envisage a common solution.

A this point, the mediator through a process of helping unfolding every possible options with the parties in conflict contributes to their own choice to see which one is the best for them and which one could also take the burden off their shoulder. The mediation process thus takes care of you and your needs, and allows you to enjoy life again.

I am Brigitte Kehrer, your mediator. I can make this happen for you.

I can let you avoid the hassle and the costs of a litigation process just to end up in front of an overworked judge whose load of pending cases obscures the people behind the process. And who may not have let you explain your story; and who may sometimes not even have given you the chance to speak.

As a mediator, I know that you are the best person to speak about your situation, your life and your needs. In truth, nobody – lawyer, expert, judge, and arbitrator – knows this better than you. Or cares about it as much as you do.

As a mediator, I will not act as a judge that will make decisions for you. But as the guarantee of a fair and respectful procedure, I will remain neutral.
And, I will do my best to listen to everything that each of you needs to say. I will ask questions to make sure that all the information we need is uncovered. If one person needs additional information, I will help to brainstorm to figure out ways to get this information.  Sometimes we will have separated sessions to ponder over one or the other aspect of a deadlock. Then we will gather together again.

The parties might need the assistance of an accountant, a financial planner, or an attorney, before feeling confident enough to evaluate offers that are on the table or have enough background information to make decisions. They will be part f the mediation process.

This is how I work. I will use all my tools, assets and expertise to make sure that we all communicate on an equal level. That we all understand where the other is coming from, and sincerely believe the proposed solution is right. You do not have to totally agree with each other – but by understanding your differences, you can agree on a solution.