Like you have never experienced before

At Mediation Corner we offer an unequaled experience in mediation. With our unique concept of three distinct yet integrated services we can take you all the way from solving your professional or private conflictsfrom straightforward one-to-one interventions through to the formal mediation process and to making you your own master of conflict resolution.

As a matter of fact, our whole conflict resolution process is based on your learning by doing, by experiencing your own conflict resolution. You learn to resolve conflict right from the beginning with the additional benefit of having a personal context within your conflict resolution experience.

Mediation Corner can exclusively offer you this unique approach thanks to Brigitte Kehrer’s experience, her training by the best schools and her certifications by numerous prestigious organizations.


Start Mediations  offers a unique combination of three services in one:

  1. Workplace Conflict Coaching – Strategic Intervention and Conflict Coaching.
  2. Standard professional Mediation between parties in conflict at the workplace followed by a training learning from past experience. Our formal Mediation sessions conform to the International Mediation Institute‘s 5-step process.
  3. Conflict Management and Resolution Training – Personalized Training into conflict management within the Company or one to one.

We also provide Intercultural Mediation for International Companies and Agencies. Our sessions are conducted in French and English


The training in Mediation at the workplace derives directly from the experience of your own conflict resolution. Clients learn therewith to go beyond the conflict and transform it after having themselves undergone a professional mediation. They learn the tools of mediation and become on their turn conflict resolution transmitter.

The technique Mediation Corner is based on learning by doing and is often much more efficient than any training given outside of a personal or work context. The three aspects of a mediation process are contained in one concept:

The Conflict Coaching Strategic Intervention, the formal Mediation in 5 steps and the Training in Conflict Resolution for your personal and professional use.

This unique product is exclusively offered by Mediation Corner with several years of win-win results.

Experience conflict resolution!

Our unique proposition binds together Mediation, Training and Conflict coaching. The method focuses on the particular dispute clients are engaged in and assists them to approach the issues by using principled negotiation and mediation techniques. Strategic intervention provides interest-based negotiation and mediation coaching for those who want one-on-one attention and workshops for those who prefer group learning.

Clients may choose either or both to become themselves transmitters of successful conflict resolution.