Mediation that truly solves your conflicts

ReconciliationMediation is good for you

Mediation saves time, Mediation saves money. Mediation allows a better relationship between the parties and is more sustainable and easier to implement than a judgment because is the parties in conflict who choose the best solutions for themselves. Mediation brings again the joy of exploring possibilities and helps learning to better negotiate !

Mediation is a serious matter which has no room fro dabbling hands. It is best left to mediators which have the formal training and accreditation on top of a human and professional background that enables them to be efficient in conflict-prone environments.

Professional training and expertise

If you choose a mediator who has not been trained by appropriate institutions or people,  your conflict may  in fact get worse as you probably won’t find a way towards dialog with the other party. As a trained mediator, I guarantee an impartial confidential and trusting surrounding for the process. I have learnt not to be dragged into one or the other party and to remain fair and neutral to both because I am trained to be centered and conscious of his own inner movements and resonance.

Accredited for conflict coaching in English, French and German

I have been accredited first in London in the Law School and have studied 2 years to become a certified mediator at the Center for effective dispute resolution CEDR. This British school brings into the certification aspects of Law, Psychology, Linguistics, diplomacy and negotiation. As one of the most recognized certification Centres of Mediation in the world, they are very selective and guarantee the best mediators!

Then I needed a certification as well in the French speaking world and the Center for Mediation in Paris gives the best mediation for commercial sides of litigations and disputes. They promote as well the co-mediation and the supervision of mediation which I learnt there. Then I was integrated in the Swiss chamber of commercial mediation and did for them the marketing and the communication for a couple of years.

Last but not least, thanks to the Pool of experts for Peace in Bern, I got the possibility to work as a mediator in the Philippines, teaching at the Tacloban University and training community mediators in various islands and then in Madagascar with the United Nations as a mediator for the political parties for the elections to come.

Last but not least I belong to the International mediation Institute based in Den Hague who is the equivalent of the ISO standardisation of the mediators. It is an international pool of mediators who give the guarantee of an absolute dedication of the mediation process and are specialized in the binding settlement agreements. It is a demanding  institution to be accepted in. They ask for a minimum of 200 hours of mediation and a annual upgrading training which I do.

Experience in multicultural environments and conflict zones

As an expert in peace building and conflict resolution on post conflict areas having worked for the UN and the ICRC and the Swiss Foreign Affairs, I have come to work a lot with many different cultures and conflict areas. I have learnt in Rwanda for example how to overcome hatred between groups and how to mediate when the parties are deeply involved in a process of reconciliation and a Truth Commission. In multicultural mediation  the aspect of the values and interests and needs varies and is important to be tackled with diplomacy and empathy and being aware of our own belief system which is not always shared by others.