Summary of the book “The Art of Conflict”

The Art of Conflict - by Brigitte KehrerWHY DO WE HATE CONFLICT ?

How to learn mediation and thrive in our often tensed conversations?

This book gives you some answers… and opens the door to more honesty towards ourselves.

How to move beyond outdated practices and behaviours ?

The power of radical honesty to upend limited old reactions to conflict and have new tools.

You’re not the only one out there who hates conflict. From the international war to the corporate bully, to the passive-aggressive employee or to the demanding husband or spouse there are all sorts of people in our lives who cause us frustration and anger, every day. You prefer to avoid them…but sometimes you can’t…

Brigitte I. Kehrer a professional mediator and conflict coach believes that we sometimes can’t avoid to have an argument or confronting work colleagues … and that we want to do it in a more peaceful way. This fact made her write a book The Art of Conflict or how to stay Zen to better deal with conflict! To help readers learn how to change the way they handle conflict and be more efficient and less angry.

Each chapter opens with a brief case study, followed by exercises designed to offer the reader new ways to concretely address a conflict situation. You will identify with the irate man whose flight has been cancelled or the lady who did not get her parking slot…
The benefits are immense and include more self-confidence, less anger, greater self-respect and better relationships. In the end you will see that conflict can sometimes even be a positive factor, and facing up to it can lead you to fantastic and quite unexpected good results!

This comprehensive handbook is a reference guide for mediation practitioners, Human Resources Directors, leaders, lawyers, teachers, mediators and all interested in the Art of Conflict resolution. It shows essential knowledge about effective conflict resolution between individuals and groups, interpersonal, inter-group, and international conflict.

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